The Commons Action

Commons Cluster for the United Nations

has in September and Ooctober 2014 delivered relevant and timely letters of possible interest to the UNESCO DESD in November 2014

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Letters to Heads of States (HofS) and Ambassadors/signatories and the Secretary General

As these letters around the 2015 and 2050 agenda in Autum 2014 and the end of the UNESCO Decade for Sustainable Education are of high relevance to wide circles I have taken the liberty as one of the drafters to make these letters available below and make sure they will be available also at a.s.a.p.

Letter September 2014

on MDGs, SDGs, the OWG process, the post-2015 agenda and 2050 consultations...

Letter October 2014

on EDUCATION on the occasion of the UNESCO - DESD, Nagoya...

My name is Heiner Benking, I was with Elinor Ostrom and her predecessor Lynton Caldwell in Bloomington, Indiana and elsewhere, and worked around shared Commons across scales, sectors, times, languages, issues/probems. I recommend these links: Common Frames of References, and a Cognitive Panorama to be able to share, negotiate, and transcend positions, perspectives, frames, what is needed: NEW SCIENCE, LANGUAGE; THINKING and COMMUNICATING/PRESENTING (sign-systems) ... and the links in the September letters above. I recommend „tearing down new walls“ and some slides we did around the Peace Noble Laureats gathering when the wall had come down 20 years ago in 2009..... 4 slides: Breaking Down New Walls

We have done around the UN AMR 2008 or ECOSOC and the Rio +5, +10. +15, +20 lots of activities. I will link to them later at this web-page and recommend my BLOG about UNESCO – DESD Nagoya 2014.